Not enough time in the day

A is for apple week is going well!  We’ve discovered things he loves, things he doesn’t love as much, and things we need to improve upon.  We haven’t found anything yet that he hates or doesn’t like which is great!  I was trying very hard to pick things out that he would like doing.

The one thing I have to say is, I have no idea how other homeschooling mothers with very young children get so much done and still have time to post on blogs everyday.  And not just post, but long in depth, creative, witty posts.  I just don’t have the time to do that!  My to do list for the week never gets done as it is, and always seems to just get longer.  So, I’m focusing on mainly just two posts a week.  Sunday is my ‘what are we focusing on’ and Friday or Saturday we’re going with a weekly wrap up.  My goal is to detail what we have done and include pictures, but we’ll see how far I actually get with that considering this blog isn’t even set up all the way yet.  Never enough time in the day!

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