I  don’t know what I was thinking.  After looking back on our week last week I realized that 90% of what we did was worksheets.  Why would I do that?  The whole reason I want to homeschool is to get away from worksheets and busy work.  But it was just SO easy.  So, I had to reassess this week.  Since I planned in advance, we still have a lot of worksheets but I added a lot of different things and got rid of some of the unnecessary worksheets.  I’m trying to keep just the ones he really enjoys, like the ones that I have him use the dot painters for.

So, B is for Butterfly is this week, although you’ll notice I’m not really doing much of a butterfly theme.  I decided to get rid of themes as well.  We’re going to take it slower and just let him have fun and try and do more active hands-on type learning for him.  Stay tuned for the end of the week post to see how successful we were!


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