Our books the past week

Here are the books we got from the library last Wednesday.  Love most of them and can’t wait to see what we get this week.

Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day – The story about a dog, Carl, and his baby.  This book is great, especially for pre-readers.  There are only two lines in the whole book.  The rest is just pictures.  And Malcolm thinks its hilarious.  He laughed multiple times in the book!

Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina- Another Malcolm favoriate from this week.  It’s a classic and Malcolm loves when the monkeys take his caps.  He laughs out loud for this one too and if you knew my boy you would know how rare that is from a book.

Tricking the Tallyman by Jaxqueline Davies – Malcolm was to young for this but it’s a great book.  I let him pick out whatever he wanted and this was one of them.  It’s the story about the first U.S. census.  It’s cute, funny, and I really like the illustrations.  Not to mention, its true and history!

All you Need for a Beach by Alice Schertle – A Malcolm pick.  It’s cute in that it keeps the kids guessing but I wouldn’t put it on any must read list.  I only read it once and haven’t picked it up again and Malcolm hasn’t asked for it.

The Hungry Giant of the Tundra retold by Teri Sloat – I really like this one.  Malcolm really interacted with it too.  He liked the big giant.  This is a folk tail from the far north.  I’m not sure if it’s eskimos or another American Indian tribe but it’s the story of what happens when little boys and girls don’t listen to their parents and the giant comes along.  The animals help the children escape. 

Mama Always Comes Home by Karma Wilson – A Malcolm pick book.  It’s cute in that it shows a lot of baby animals and their mothers and why the mother has to go away and then coming back again.  I love that the dogs are Shar Pei in this.  You never see them and since we have four of them, I think I would have checked it out for that.  I think its a good book for littles who have separation anxiety, but it’s just for that.  It’s a simple book and really doesn’t have any lasting appeal.


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