Sanitago Oaks

So last week (sorry for the delayed post) on Monday for the holiday we spent a few hours at Santiago Oaks Regional park for our nature study.  This is one of our favorite parks to visit.  Partly because we used to live VERY close to it but also because it has trees, cactus, a little creek, stepping stones, and plenty of animals to see if you go when it’s quiet (and are lucky enough to have a quiet little boy as well).  We did our nature journals over by the historic dam because Malcolm just refused to leave the water.  He loved throwing rocks into the little pond and shrieked with laughter when Daddy threw a really big rock in!  So, here are pictures!  (Oh, and it took me forever but I finally identified the tree I drew for our study.. it’s a Willow!)

Walking on the trail

Help me!  Carrying his stick with a rock in each hand.
Scrub Jay

Throwing rocks at the historic dam

Dad’s big rock!

Mommy’s Willow Tree!

Drawing the tree

Malcolm’s Nature Journal – Love the one branch going onto the next page!
Mommy’s nature journal

Exploring geology!
What happens if I poke it with a stick?

Pretty bird, not identified yet

Whats this?


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