Little Corona Tide Pools

 This week for Nature Study we went to Little Corona Beach to the tidepools with out nature study group.   It’s amazing how this day was very cool and the days following have all been in the 80’s!  I was so excited to see a Black Turban Snail (see pictures below) because I had done a report on the intertidal zone for my biology class last year in college and one of the animals I featured was the black turban snail.  It actually made me a little giddy inside and I’m sure some of the other Mom’s that overheard my “oh my gosh!” were wondering what I found.  The baby was very tired by the end of our adventure so Green Bubbles’s drawing in his nature journal was cut a little short and I waited until we were home to do mine so there are no pictures of this part of our day.

So here are all the pictures from our nature study.

Green Bubbles and Grandma

Mommy and Little Miss
Seagulls and cormorants I believe
Green Bubbles found a big cave!

Reminds me of The Little Mermaid

Found this cool shell

And something was still living in it!

Sea Anemone (out of water)


Hermit Crab (Green Bubbles found a LOT of these!)

Tiny little crab (sorry its a little blurry)

Hermit Crabs climbing around a sea anemone

Black Turban Snail!!!

Seagull and cormorants?

Sea Urchins

See the crab behind the rock?

Love the waves crashing onto the rocks

Two sea anemones

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