Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

So I got a new field guide to try and help me identify the wonderful things around us during our nature study days.  I haven’t really found anything in my book yet though which is just so disappointing, but I’ll keep trying!

 While today wasn’t a nature study day, it was just such a beautiful day that we decided to get outside to one of our hiking parks today.  I decided to go to Laguna Coast Wilderness park.  We had been here before when Malcolm was much younger and took a horrible trail that was all uphill, both ways, in 90 degree weather.  My husband referred to it as the death march.  While we laugh over it now, it did make me hesitant to explore this park again.  I’m glad to did though because there was a much easier trail that didn’t seem to only ascend up the hill forever.  It was still a hot day however so we didn’t go very far but it was fun!

He climbed really high!

Not at the wilderness park but not far away.  View from Laguna Beach of the ocean and Catalina island.


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