So it’s been awhile since I posted last, over a month!  Time flies when your busy, right?  We ended up not doing any of the fieldtrips I thought we would, which is disappointing. 

The airport was canceled due to rain, blackberries postponed because they weren’t ripe yet, and the museum was canceled due to funds (which went more baby clothes!).

But we have done some other fieldtrips and just fun things with Daddy.  Last week we went to Tanaka farms to pick strawberries (more detailed post to follow).  We also went to Disneyland with Daddy and had a lot of fun there too!  And of course, the Renaissance Faire!  Malcolm got a costume, hugged a fairy, made a rag doll for his sister, and adopted a baby dragon!  (Not all of this is historically accurate of course)

Watching the show
Making a rag doll

For school we’ve done K is for kangeroo, L is for Ladybug, M is for Monkey, and N is for Nest.  We didn’t really do any big projects for any of those, although we did check out some books from the library to learn more about Ladybugs, Monkeys, and Kangeroos.  Although we also didn’t end up reading any of the library books before they were due!

In reality, the past month was spent playing.  A lot of playing.  Which is exactly what a 3 year old needs to do most.  We’ve played with the hose, walked to the playground near us almost every single day we’ve been home.  Read a lot of books.  Played with blocks building really, really, really high towers and then knocking them down.  We’ve pulled the cushions off the couch and made a ‘house’ out of them.  We’ve played hide and go seek.

Allie has learned how to sit unsupported.  And she rolls all over the place now!  She passes toys between her hands, and grabs EVERYTHING.  She babbles and talks constantly now as well.  And, she had her 6 month check up last week.  She is in the 95th percentile for weight, and 45th for height.  So she’s still chubby, but at least she’s getting longer.  And her shots this time around didn’t bother her at all! (Of course, we did go strawberry picking right afterward so I think that was a good distraction for her).

And in the future?  More playing, fieldtrips, and maybe someday we’ll manage to finish the alphabet 🙂

And of course, more photos of my adorable kids!

6 Months old!
Being Silly
Being sweet
Being lovey
Being crazy
Nap time!
Playing his new Wii game

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