Missed You!

So I haven’t posted in a long time and I do have to admit I missed you!  I know nobody is really reading this (but if someone is leave me a comment so I know I’m not just talking to myself!)
My excuses for being away?  It was summer, and we changed what we were doing completely for school anyway, we had a lot of activities and fieldtrips, and having a baby that is now mobile makes things much busiser during the day!

Some hightlights:  we visited the Los Angles County Musuem of Art with some friends and looked at a few of the tar pits next door.  We renewed our membership to the San Diego Zoo and had fun there with some other friends.  We have, of course, done Disneyland!  We got to experience Cars Land before the general public thanks to my brother and were there on opening day for the crowds.  Malcolm loves Cars Land.  We have discovered a museum in Vista, California that we will probably never go back to called the Gas and Steam Engine museum (a lot of old farm equipment, no trains…).  We also played at the Ladera Ranch Water Park (so cool!) and The Lagoon in our own subdivision.  Both of these places were perfect for the summer and the kids had a blast going.  But due to a close class at The Lagoon, it also prompted swimming lessons for Malcolm.

What is our new plan for school?  So glad you asked! 

Currently, my school schedule is reading poetry (The Real Book of Mother Goose) everyday and one book for literature.  We also work daily in our preschool Handwriting Without Tears.  I like the structure this gives and it makes sense to me.  Keeps me more on tract and it includes manipulates, songs, and a workbook at some point.   Monday/Wednesday/Friday we do Spanish.  This MOSTLY consists of watching Salsa videos from Georgia Public Broadcasting.  We also have a Spanish bingo game we got from the dollar section at Target just to mix it up.  I also hope to add some Spanish kids songs to that list to keep things interesting.  Everyday we listen to our composer study music while playing and this term that is Debussy (taken from the Ambleside Online website).  We do Artist Study on Monday, this term is Renoir.  So far we’ve looked at Girl with a Watering Can, Two Sisters on the Terrace, and La Grenouillere.  Malcolm actually really likes this and says they are all his favorite! And, Tuesday’s are Malcolm’s swimming lessons which he just started this week.

Coming soon, I hope to add in Signopore’s Earlybird Kindergardten Math and just take it at a slow pace and space it out over 2 years.  Malcolm loves math and is doing really well with it so I don’t see a problem adding it now and giving him a head start in it. In two weeks Malcolm also starts T-ball!  His practices will be on Friday afternoons and games on Sunday mornings. 

All of this takes us less then 30 minutes every morning, and days that we don’t do Spanish it is only about 10 minutes!  Structured, but still very easy going and not overwhelming for a 3 1/2 year old.  

And of course, one thing that HASN’T changed is nature study.  We do that every Thursday and I hope to get back to our nature study group we found the beginning of the year (or end of the school year depending on how you look at it!) 

So, since this blog will probably mostly center on that, here are some of my pictures from out nature study day last week at Santiago Oaks Regional Park, one of our favorites that we go to. 

Tiny, little inch worm crawling on my finger.  We tried to save it and bring it home but Malcolm knocked the cup we saved him in on the floor and he was so small we never did find him again.

Resting dragonfly.  We saw some orange ones as well, but this blue dragonfly was the only one to sit still for us.

And because I can never resist, here’s other pictures of things mentioned earlier as well as my now mobile little girl!

Our new easel!

She loves the swing.

Hanging out at the bounce house.


Orange County Fair

Sensory play with shaving cream

Malcolm liked it a lot more then the baby though!

At the zoo.  Allie loved seeing the turtles.

Playing in the sand at The Lagoon

Borrowing some toys at The Lagoon.

Learning how to move around with her new shoes.

Very first swimming class!

She loved the Merry Go Round (Disneyland)

Say Cheese! (Disneyland)

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