San Diego Safari Park

It’s Thursday!  That means it’s nature study day!  I love Thursdays.  We get outside, see cool things, and just explore.  But since our nature study group hasn’t resumed for the year I decided to take the kids to the Safari park.  It’s a long drive, but Malcolm is finally at the age where he just gets excited and he’s really starting to learn a lot more about the animals.

It ended up being a great day and I fit in a lot of science into it.  The very first thing we noticed was the Crowned Cranes eggs had hatched recently.  We compare/contrasted the chicks to the parents.  I was so excited when Malcolm actually pointed out differences to me.  It seems as if every day lately his understanding is expanding.  We also guessed how long it would take the 2 day old baby elephant to grow to the size of another little elephant nearby.  (If your curious, Malcolm guessed one year).

We saw so many animals.  Malcolm informed me later that his favoriate thing was seeing the baby lions which made me laugh since there weren’t any baby lions.  He told me they were just really tiny and only he could see them because he has tiny eyes.  Love my little guy.  I think Allie’s favoriate part was the African Tram ride.  She made friends with a 14 month old sitting in the seat infront of us.  They kept holding hands.  So cute!

So, here are some pictures of our day.  There aren’t that many since most of the time I was pushing a huge stroller by myself which doesn’t leave a lot of time for picture taking as well.

Baby Crowned Cranes with their parents

Blue-tongued stink the volunteer bought out for Malcolm to see

Zoo Keeper Talk about the Elephants

We watched this one take a bath

It’s hard to see, but the big one in the back has the 2 day old baby under her.

Hanging out in the stork nest

3 Banded Armadillo – Animal Ambassador. 

Allie making yet another friend 🙂

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