Laguna Coast – Feb 23rd

 ‘Hiking’ at Laguna Coast.  Allie has gotten to the age where she really wants to explore her surroundings, deeply.  So she will walk for a few feet, get intrigued by something, sit, and won’t budge for a long time.  So our ‘hike’ didn’t go very far.  In most of the pictures you can still see the parking lot.  But the kids had fun digging rocks up from the trail and we loved just getting outside.  Although there aren’t any animal pictures this time around, I have some great shots of Malcolm which are few and far between so enjoy!

“Can we keep walking now?”
Down the trail.

Malcolm takes some pictures!

Digging with his finger, annoyed Mom told him to look up.

What do rocks taste like?

Where the trail would have lead, if we had walked.

Look, a bench!

Cuddle time.

And back to the car.

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