El Dorodo Nature Center – 3/21/2013

This was the first time we explored this area.  It is a pretty far drive from where we live and probably would never have gone except for our Thursday Nature Group. 

The nature center was great for littles.  There was a lot of things to touch and play with.  Snakes and bugs in aquariums to view.  Even little quizzes for the kids with simple questions and panels to lift to discover the answers (more for the older kids, but still a great hands-on activity!). 

The nature trails themselves were great.  I love any place that has water since it is so hard to find around here besides the ocean.  There were turtles, frogs, birds, lizards.  What more could a kid want?

Red-eared sliders (non-native)

Bullfrog (non-native)


Viewing the frog

Red-eared sliders lined up on a log.

Walking through a tree tunnel

Climbing trees
California Blackberry blooms

Field of California Blackberries

Bush Sunflower, Encelia californica


cherry blossom

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