"The Arroyo" – 4/4/13

This was another new location for me which I love.  We drive by this a LOT since we do a lot on South County with other groups/friends so it was great finding this little surprise off the not-so-beaten path.  Just a heads up warning, the path is pretty steep at points although Little Man had no problem getting up and down the hills by himself.  The baby definitely had to be carried through a large portion of it. 

Another favoriate because of the water and now that weather is getting warmer the kids can really play in the creeks.

Our Lord’s Candle (Hesperoyucca whipplei)

Bush Sunflowers along both sides of the trail

A little gropher snake crossed our path on the way down.  Very exciting for the kids!
Closer look at it.

Relaxing at the creek.

Playing in the water.

Building a fort out of the bamboo… until a tick was discovered.

Playing with different settings on my camera.

Add caption

One of the few pictures of BOTH of my kids.

I loved these little white flowers but aren’t sure what they are?  They grew along the creek.

The kids collected different colored rocks in the creek and, with a little help from a Mom, sorted them into a rainbow!

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