Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

This week we went to Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary located in the heart of Modjeska Canyon.  This is another area I love to visit because it feels like we are no where near ‘O.C.’ but in a sweet wooded canyon miles away.

Unfortunately, I didn’t call ahead and the place was crawling with public school field trips.  So many in fact, that we were actually kicked out of the nature center but a rather bisque woman.  Another ranger who wasn’t currently leading a group suggested some places for us to hang out and explore while the school groups finished up.  She even stayed with us in different areas and explained some interesting facts.  We had an earlier lunch and lost a few people from our group. 

Once the field trips finally left we were able to walk a little loop. We found bugs, lizards and so many different birds.  We ended up at the nature center at the end (I bought the field guide for wild flowers that matches the birds I got earlier!).

And then the excitement started.  It was feeding time for the snakes in the nature center!  They gave live mice to the snakes, who hadn’t eaten in 3 1/2 weeks.  We had the chance to watch the snakes strike at the mice, squeeze them, and then eat them whole.

Pictures follow, as always!  Warning:  Pictures of the snake and mice are in here so if your squeamish you may not want to look all the way through. 

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