Our Family

Who are we? 

We are a family of 5.  Wow, it feels weird to say that.  I always knew I wanted to have 3 children and now that I do it feels surreal.  My husband and I have been married for 10 years and there are times where it doesn’t feel like that long, and then there are times where it does.  We’ve had our ups and downs but are enjoying life together and with our family.

Green Bubbles is our oldest.  He’s 5 years old and entering Kindergarten this year!  You may wonder why we call him Green Bubbles and I honestly wonder at it myself.  Like many kids, he has discovered Minecraft and totally loves it.   When you create a new account they ask for a name and we let him pick his own.  Green Bubbles is what he came up with for himself so it feels like an appropriate nickname for him.  He does see a speech therapist currently to help with articulation problems but he doesn’t let it slow him down.  He is sweet, social, and joyful.  Current loves: Minecraft, Flag Football, Iron Man.

 Little Miss is 2 years old, in the middle, and the only girl.  I’m actually very grateful for that because she is an independent little spit-fire.  Having a sister to share with would probably lead to conflict.  She is a girly girl who loves to get dirty, just as happy playing with babies as she is with hot wheel cars.  Her loves of the moment: pink, glitter, and all things princesses.  Although Frozen and Elsa hold a special place in her heart like most little girls right now. 

Megatron is a happy baby.  The youngest, we’re still waiting to really see his personality come out and shine.  My favorite thing about this age is watching them discover the world around them and how much they change just day to day. Where did Megatron come from?  Since he was our third we kept the gender a surprise which means we didn’t have a name for him until after he was born.  But we had to call him something, so Green Bubbles decided Megatron would make a really cool name and it just stuck. Current loves include: sucking on his hand, rolling out of his bouncy seat and swing at every opportunity, and trying desperately to crawl despite lack of any progress.  He’s also got a special place in his heart just for his siblings. 


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