Weekly Wrap-Up

So I’m going to start trying to join in on Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Weekly Wrap-Up link. Every Friday there is a weekly wrap up where you talk about your week and what happened. We haven’t done a lot of ‘school’ things this week, or even planning for school, but it is still summer for us!

Monday –   We started out Cats theme for our preschool, although all we really did was read a few books.  Mostly, I am trying to get a secret project done (stay tuned for the results).  The local consignment sale is coming up as well and I’m trying to get all of the outgrown clothes I’m selling tagged and ready to go.  This is a little bittersweet since it’s the first time I’m not keeping clothes for a hand me down.  Little Miss’ clothes are going away completely and as Megatron quickly outgrows his baby clothes those are going away as well.  Only Green Bubbles’ stuff is being saved now. 

Tuesday –  We decided to go visit a friend today.  We spent a few hours just hanging out.  She has a son Little Miss’ age and another son a few years older then Green Bubbles.  Her son and my two had a lot of fun playing out in her yard and with her kids toys.   Other people’s toys always seem better then your own, right? The husband flew out of town this night too so we spent the rest of the day spending time with Daddy and saying goodbye.

Wednesday – This is our normal nature study day and we spent it at the county fair!  Here’s the post all about it.  It was a really hot day and Green Bubbles and Little Miss were not exactly angels before we had to leave.  We had fun at the fair but it made me realize that I need an extra adult helper when I go some place that crowded with Megatron and Little Miss.  This time next year will be so much easier.

Thursday – Today was a quiet day.  I finished up more of the prep work for my project.  Although this is proving to be harder then I expected it to be with Megatron never letting me put him down lately.  Green Bubbles also had a speech therapy lesson today.  Then I took the two youngest grocery shopping with me while Green Bubbles went with Grandma to Costco.  Divide and conquer! The rest of the day was just spent at home relaxing and avoiding the heat. Until the power went out just before dinner.  We have an electric stove and oven so we went out to dinner and walked around Target for as long as possible to avoid the heat and stay in the AC.  Lucky for the kids, they were excited to stay up past their bedtime.  The power came back on just in time for bedtime so we avoided sleeping downstairs to try and keep cool.  As much as the kids were excited about sleeping on the couch, that means the baby and I would end up on the floor and I wasn’t looking forward to that!

Friday – Friends of ours are moving out of state next week and we haven’t seen them in awhile.  We’re going to go to a farewell party they are throwing last minute today after Green Bubbles speech session this morning.  Daddy is supposed to get home tonight too and I know the kids will be excited to see him, almost as much as me. The cat preschool lessons will just have to move onto next week!

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