Weekly Wrap-Up – Lazy summer days

It’s Friday!  Time for another weekly wrap-up.

Do you ever feel like your living in a real life ground hog’s day where every day seems very much like the other?  I’ll be excited when school starts back up just so we’re back in a routine and our days change.  Summer always seems to be a free for all of schedules and routines.  Some weeks we are crazy busy, and others we never leave the house.  This week was the latter. Part of me is cherishing it since I know once school starts back up and summer is over we won’t be having any more weeks like that. 

Green Bubbles wanted to do science so desperately that we are starting back on Monday but only adding in one subject at a time.  Our offical start date isn’t until the 18th but we usually start back early, adding a little each day until we are back full time.  We missed Nature Study this week, but next week will make up for it!  

But I really do hate being couped up in the house all day and an entire week of it is getting to me.   So, we are either going to the library to turn in our summer reading logs since tomorrow is the last day or, if we can convince Daddy, we are going to hang out at Disneyland!  Maybe both…  After all, summer should always end with a bang.

So rather then bore us both with trying to remember what my week was like each day, here’s my pictures that just show it all! Our end of summer fun, lazy days.

She discovered the butterfly book I bought her at the library last week.

Megatron cuteness! 

Megatron hates water, but the older two enjoyed the kiddie pool.

This is what happens when toddlers refuse to go to sleep two nights in a row.  She crashed early.

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