20 Mintues of Reading Excitement – Reading Logs

Summer library reading programs have ended now, but my kids wanted to keep coloring everytime they read.  I wanted to keep that excitment, especially since Green Bubbles doesn’t really enjoy reading very much, so I decided to make them their own reading sheets.   Keeping to the same rules, they can only color one piece for every 20 minutes of reading, but I adjusted Little Miss’ reading goals to be shorter, just under 3 hours of reading total for her reward, while Green Bubbles kept to the 5 hour reading reward. 

Rewards will be something I pick out from the dollar store except for Green Bubbles 10 hour reward which will probably end up as a minecraft mod or map.  The summer reading program was dogs so the kids were coloring dog bones.  I wanted to change it for our normal school year so I let the kids pick what they wanted to color.

Green Bubbles picked bears.

Little Miss picked owls.

How do you encourage reading in your home?


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