Wrap Up – First week of Kindergarten

Time for another weekly wrap up!  This week we eased back into school by starting just a few things.  We’ll be adding more each week until we work back up to a full load.  Green Bubbles was desperate to start science so we opened up our Real Science Odyssey Life!  I wanted to also get him started on All About Reading Pre-reading in the hopes we might be able to work through the letters he already knows quickly to get to the ones he’s struggling with.  Little Miss sat in on a lot of this as well and totally blew me away with her awesome rhyming ability.  She was picking out rhyming cards like a pro, passing up Green Bubbles.  I’m going to start sending her to another room while working with Green Bubbles.  His confidence level is already pretty shaky with language skills and having his little sister do it so easily isn’t good for that. 

On Monday we started with discussing what is life and comparing things that were alive and not alive.  We took a break with science after this until Friday.

Tuesday we went to a park day.  We’ve been missing these a lot lately and the kids really love them.  I’m glad we made the effort to go!  Getting outside is so important for little kids but it’s hard for me to make the effort to do it more than a few days a week.  3 kids, one being an infant, is a lot more work to get everything together to get out!

Wednesday is normally our nature study but instead we met a friend at the beach for a bonfire.  The kids had a blast playing in the sand and roasting our hotdogs and marshmellows.  I try to go to a bonfire once every summer for them.  It’s a great experience and I know it will be something they will remember when they are older.  Green Bubbles also read his first Dick and Jane story!  We’ve been working on sight words for him to help build up his confidence with words and letters.   He was so proud of himself when

Thursday we made it to another park day!  I can’t tell you how excited I am that we made it outside three days in a row.  This park day was a new one for us with brand new friends to make so my kids were a little shyer but they still had a lot of fun.  I know they will make friends quickly.  There were a lot of boys Green Bubbles age here and even a little girl just one month younger than Little Miss.

Today was our fun day, as if park days and bonfires weren’t fun!  We made it to the letter E in All About Reading, but science is where the fun comes in.  We did a plot study in our garden identifying things that were alive and dead.  Green Bubbles even found traces of animals such as the eatten leaves on the tomato plants from the cabbage loppers (we caught one last month and put it in our bug house to watch it make it’s cocoon).  Since we were in our garden, Green Bubbles wanted to water the plants and Little Miss helped.  Whenever the hose comes out, it always turns into a water fight as well! 

We are off to the library later this afternoon to get some books for next week’s school.  We’ll be adding in history and handwriting! 

When you go back to school do you start it all up at once, or ease back into it?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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