Preschool – Eye Theme

Little Miss’ preschool theme last week was eyes.  I followed the theme plan from and I have to say, Eye would not be my first choice for preschool themes.  Most of the books listed weren’t avaiable in my library and I couldn’t really find much to fit the theme.

Sooo.. The books we did read included various I Spy books, animal camouflage, I See the Moon and the Moon Sees me and a Dr. Seuss book called You Can’t Read With Your Eyes Shut. 

For our games and activies we also played I Spy using colors.  For example, I spy something blue.  Brother’s shirt!  I also had her color in a picture of a large eye ball I drew.  Honestly though, the eye ball kind of creeped me out!  But Little Miss enjoyed coloring it so I guess that’s all that matters.

Going forward, I don’t know how often we’re going to use themes with her.  I have Little Miss coloring in the ABC crafts from All About Reading Pre-level with Green Bubbles and she loves doing that. Each letter has different directions for how to ‘craft’ with it.  The B below suggested dipping the back of a pencil (the eraser) into blue paint and painting blueberries on the letter B.  It also had the kids cutting green construction paper and gluing it down to make grass for our blueberry bush!  She also sits in on a lot of hte rhyming games with Green Bubbles.  In fact, she’s doing really well with the rhyming games and is flourishing with them.  I think Little Miss will be getting her own school time with AAR (All About Reading) now, separate from her brother so he doesn’t feel like she’s taking over his school time.  Also hoping to avoid competition and resentment.  I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

And don’t worry… we still do plenty of reading time.  It just probably won’t be around a theme.

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