Southern California Homeschool Day Field Trips – 2014/15

There’s been a lot of talk lately in the larger homeschool groups for my area about what type of homeschool days are coming up in our area.  I’m actually surprised no one has made a comprehensive list of all the incredible opportunities we have in our area so I thought I would collect a few here so that there’s at least a start of a list going on!  I’m sure there’s many I missed and I will try and update this list if I find anymore.  Leave a comment if I forget any!

I’ve organized it by month, but if you read through it there are other ideas I’ve listed that are free year round!

August –
Pretend City – Once a month Pretend city has a themed homeschool day where children (and adults) can get in for a discounted price and there are workshops for the children based off of a theme.  While the entire year isn’t out yet, the next few months are up on their website.  Reservations are required and the cost is $9/adult and children.  August 15th is Partners in Play: Dragons are not allowed!

September –

Discovery Science Center – For the entire month of September on Wednesdays – Fridays, admission is only $10. For an additional $9.50 students can register for great workshops every Wednesday and they have two different classes, one for 5-6 year olds and the other for 7-12 year olds! Reservations required!

L.A. County Fair –  Free Admission and parking to the L.A. county fair.  This one isn’t specifically homeschoolers and public school kids come as well.  But it’s still not nearly as crowded as the normal fair and they have some great educational booths and presentations set up. Field trips take place Wednesdays – Fridays, Sept. 4 – 26.  Reservations are required! Just click the enroll now button on the right side of the web page!

Peterson Automobile Museum – September 10th is Homeschool day at The Peterson.  This one isn’t free and costs are adults/$13, students with ID/$8, children 3-12/$3, and kids under 3 are free. Reservations are required! Join us for a special day of fun and learning at the Petersen for homeschool families! Take a guided tour of the Museum with our trained docents; participate in fun, hands-on, car-related educational activities; meet students and families from other homeschool communities; and learn about the history of the automobile and its influence on Los Angeles!

Not-Back-To-School-Day @ Disneyland – This one is every September and this year is September 10th.  While there are no official discounts for getting into Disneyland, there are a lot of homeschoolers around.  You can spot other homeschoolers easily by all the tie-dye as well!  And if you do want to add some real school into your day instead of just fun, Celebration Education offers classes at Disneyland including one on Not Back To School Day.

Aquarium of the Pacific – September 17th and 18th.  Tickets are only $6/person (must be purchased in advance).  They open up the classrooms for the homeschoolers to wander in and out as they please, as well as the rest of the aquarium to explore.  You still have to pay for parking, but it’s a great deal for an incredible aquarium!  

Pretend City – September 19th: Play your way. Reservations are required, cost is $9/adult and $9/child. 


San Diego – Kids are free in October at museums and zoos in San Diego!  There’s a lot to list so just follow the link!  You can download the coupon here.

Pretend City –  Oct 17th: Play your way.  Reservations are required, cost is $9/adult and $9/child.
Page Museum – The 22nd.  Admission is free, just pay parking.  Make an entire day of it and visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art right next door, walking distance even for my littles!  The art museum always offers free admission to children and one adult per child as well!  The theme for the Page Museum this day is L.A. Underground.  “Discover the incredible secrets hidden right underneath your feet! This Homeschool Day, we’re joining up with our Mobile Museums team to explore how archeology and paleontology can help us uncover the mysteries of the past right here in LA’s backyard! Learn about the people of the past by excavating aboard the Mobile Museum, our archaeological digsite on wheels before touring the La Brea Tar Pits: the largest active urban paleontological excavation in the world.”

 Six Flags Magic Mountain – November 7th. “Be a part of Home School Family Day and enjoy all day park access to the most thrilling rides and attractions in Southern California. The park will be open exclusively from 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and is completely closed to the general public.”  Cost is $29.99 for admission or $41.99 if you want to include a catered lunch!

Los Angeles Natural History Museum – November 12th is  Excavating Our Past.  Have a budding archeologist or paleontologist?  I love homeschool days at the Natural History Museum and we always go at least once every year.  Admittance is free on this day but you still need to pay parking.  Get there early to see all the great touch tables and see all the shows and events they having going on.  The homeschool events end at noon but you are free to spend the rest of the day exploring the museum.  We like to make it an extra long day and walk over to the California Science Center near by as well.  It’s free as well, unless you want to see the space shuttle.  The kids always love this outing! There’s also the rose gardens in between which makes a great place to bring littles to run around and get the wiggles out. 

Pretend City – Nov 21st – Play your way. Reservations are required, cost is $9/adult and $9/child.

Aquarium of the Pacific – While the dates are not released yet, I don’t believe, the aquarium does another homeschool day in December right around the holidays!


Page Museum –  Jan 5th, Bugs and Botony. Just like before, free admission! “What do insect fossils teach us about the Ice Age environment? How does pollen get preserved in asphalt for thousands of years? Spend this Homeschool Day with two often under-appreciated groups of organisms –insects and plants. By the end of the day, we think you’ll find these resilient Ice Age survivors surprisingly captivating and incredibly significant to the study of Pleistocene Los Angeles.”

Annual Homeschool Day @ Disneyland – January 23rd is another fun homeschool day at Disneyland!  Just like the one back in September, this one is not Disney sponsored so you won’t be seeing any special discounts or Disney run classes.  But it’s still a lot of fun to break out that tie-dye!

Los Angeles Natural History Museum – Feb 5th is Fossil Fanatics.  Just like in November, free entrance until noon but you need to pay for parking.

Page Museum – March 20th, L.A. Carnivores. From the saber-toothed cats and dire wolves of the past to the mountain lions and coyotes of today, Los Angeles has always been home to charismatic carnivores. This Homeschool Day, you’ll learn how we use fossils to study the predators of the past and how our research can inform carnivore conservation into the future.”

Los Angeles Natural History Museum – April 20th is Bugs and Botany. Free to attend, pay for parking!



Page Museum –  June 5th, Astounding Adaptations.  Free admission.  “Spend a day exploring the diversity of life in Pleistocene Los Angeles and discover how our scientists use fossil evidence to learn how Ice Age animals survived. If you’ve ever wondered how a saber-toothed cat used its impressive canines to hunt, or why a Harlan’s ground sloth had pebble-sized bones growing in its skin, don’t miss out on this day!

Los Angeles Natural History Museum – June 17th is Art and Nature. Free to attend, pay for parking!

3 thoughts on “Southern California Homeschool Day Field Trips – 2014/15

  1. This a great list Thank you! It isn't LA but Sea World offers monthly homeschool days for around $6 with free parking all the details are listed on their website. The San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park also offer discount days.

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