Weekly Wrap Up – The one with yummy jello

So we are almost up to a full school load this week and so far it’s going well.  Just like everyone, we have good days and bad days. 

Monday was our first full day and we filled it with stuff! We read, did a science experiement, played with wooden trains and just had a lot of fun!

Tuesday was more of the same except Megatron is learning to sit up without support!  He’s getting so big, so fast.  It seems every child I have grows up faster then the ones before.  I remember the baby stage lasting so long with Green Bubbles and with Little Miss is seemed so much shorter.  Megatron is going by with a blink of the eye.  I’m sure it’s just because I’m so much busier now then I was before but it makes me a little sad to think about.

Wednesday was our nature study day where we went to the beach. The kids had a lot of fun, except for maybe Megatron who really doesn’t understand what’s so exicting about a little sun and sand and just wanted to go home, or nap, or both.

Thursday we made jello!  Our science curriculum had an experiment where we compared an animal cell and a plant cell by making jello models.  This was by far Green Bubbles highlight of the week.  He sure does love his jello.  Besides the jello, this was one of those ‘bad’ days.  Green Bubbles was really struggling with school and focusing. 

Friday, today, Green Bubbles woke up with a swollen eyelid and was complaining about how much his eye hurt so we had a trip to the doctor.  Everything is fine and the doctor couldn’t see anything causing it and he’s acting like his full of energy self so went ahead and did a little more school today as well.  We started Story of the World this week and we were able to do the activity for the Introduction chapter and went on an archeology dig in our own backyard.  Today is also going to be errand day so we’re going to be heading out this afternoon, all thee kids in tow!

Hope everyone else had a great week!  Linking up to weird unsocialized homeschoolers.

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