Disneyland Homeschool Day 2014

We love Disneyland.  Well, maybe just all things Disney.  Not to the crazy obessive point, but enough that my kids ask to go to Disneyland quite frequently and we have passes.  So of course, we had to make a special trip to go for Not Back To School Day!

While this event is not sponsored by Disney, it’s still a lot of fun.  Homeschool kids go to Disneyland, or California Adventure, to spend the day playing.  You can spot fellow homeschoolers by the tie dye they are sporting!

That means our adventure started out with… tie dye!

 I made a shirt for each one of us.  Mine’s on the top!  I let Green Bubbles have at it all by himself with no direction from me and I’m rather impressed it didn’t turn out as a giant brown mess.  Little Miss insisted that her shirt should only have pink and purple and I helped her squirt the dye on her shirt so it wouldn’t get all over the ground.  I picked a bigger shirt for Megatron thinking he could just wear it for awhile but was amazed it fit him so well the day of.  He just keeps growing!

 Here’s Little Miss and me showing off our shirts.

 Little Miss has two favoriate Princesses.  One is Elsa, and the other was waiting right inside the gate when we came in!  She was so excited to meet Ariel.  I was hoping to make a straight dash to the back of the park to get tickets to see Elsa but couldn’t pass up Ariel.  Unfortunately, by the time we did make it back to Elsa, the tickets were hours past the time we would be staying and I knew with a toddler and infant I wouldn’t be able to last that long.  Someday we may finally meet Elsa.

We did manage to go on the carrousel.  Even though Megatron doesn’t look very thrilled about it lol.. he ended up falling asleep right after this ride so I think he was just ready for his nap.

 We hit small world where we were able to walk right on, and a good ride to get out of the heat and let Megatron finish his nap.

 Green Bubbles favoriate part, and mine as well, as the Jedi Training Academy.  We’ve had passes to Disneyland since Green Bubbles’ first birthday, except for the last year, and he has always been to shy to leave my side to become a Jedi.  But not this year!  Green Bubbles finally raised his hand and his Mickey Ears and tie dye shirt landed him a spot on the rooster!

He was one of the first kids picked and got to stand up on stage.  The entire crowd aww’d when he held the light saber upside down and the Jedi master had to help him ‘activite’ it.  I loved watching him up on stage and he told me afterwards that we have to do the Jedi school every time we come now.

 What made it even better was Darth Maul’s fascination with Megatron.  He came over to us dozens of times during the show trying to taunt Megatron.  Tapping the ground in front of him with the light saber, crouching down in front of him, and he even poked him with the tip of his boot once.  Megatron stayed strong and never joined the dark side though, or even looked at him!  Perhaps that’s why, even at the very end when the stage was going back underground, Darth Maul gave one last heated point towards Megatron.

 The end of our day was approaching and we happened to catch Mickey Mouse on our way out to the group photo.  Mickey was tickling the kids and even blew a sweet kiss to a sleeping Megatron.

 We made it to the big group photo infront of California Adventure.  Can you spot the kids?

 After a quick stop at the Lego store in Downtown Disney we made it to the car where Little Miss joined Megatron is a much needed nap after a long day of fun.  And I can honestly say, having three small children at Disneyland by myself was challenging.  It didn’t occur to me until after we were there that many of the rides we normally do wasn’t possible with only myself and three children. A 1:2 ratio was fine, 1:3 made me plan out what we could do.

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