Nature Study: Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific has a homeschool day a few times a year.  They do two days in September and one day in December.  It’s become a tradition for us to go every year now.  The cost is only $6 a person which is a deal compared to their normal ticket prices.   They also have a lot of touch tanks, booths, volunteers, and they open up their classrooms to the kids.  It’s always a lot of fun and I love seeing what things my kids are drawn to each year.  Things they found incredibly interesting last year, aren’t even on their radar anymore and things they barely noticed before were full of wonder this trip.

Touching the jellyfish

After every field trip we have I ask the kids, even Little Miss, what their favoriate part was, or to tell me something new that they learned.  Little Miss responded with an excited “Fish!”  I tried not to laugh since almost everything there was a fish of some type.  She was pointing out fish in every tank we passed calling out, “I see another one!” 

Even Megatron got involved and started randomly screaming throughout our trip.  I like to pretend it was because he loved seeing all the fish but in reality I think it was just because he liked to hear how loud his voice sounded in the crowded spaces. 

Green Bubbles loved the hammerhead shark we saw in one of the tanks and is still talking about it the next day.  And can you believe I didn’t get a picture of that hammerhead shark!?

After the aquarium we walk across the street to get Cold Stone ice cream.  It’s become a tradition for us as well.  As we were pulling up to the aquarium Green Bubbles pointed across the street and said “there’s the ice cream place!”  I can’t believe he remembered that from last year.  This year we even made a pit stop over at the $1 bookstore and bought 13 books for the price of one brand new children’s book! 

Trying on the costumes in one of the classrooms.

Even Megatron liked watching the fish.

A shark egg with a section cut out to see the developing shark inside.

A rare group photo of us infront of the sea lions thanks to an awesome friend of ours who offered to take it!

Checking out the trout.
And because we are Disney family… We found a whole tank of Nemo and Dory!

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