Story of the World: Chapters 2 – 3

So I haven’t posted these in awhile.  Shame on me for falling behind lol.  We finally hit our groove with school in the mornings mixed with caring for baby and toddlers.

We made a model of the Nile river and Green Bubbles did a great job!  He loves flooding the Nile to water our plants.  Your supposed to put grass seed in the dirt but we used what we had and planted these English Daisy’s instead. 

(Side note: it’s been REALLY hot here lately and we may have forgotten to ‘flood’ the Nile for a few days.  We had some tiny little green sprouts coming but then they all died and haven’t come back so I don’t think our daisies made it. I never claimed to have a green thumb.)

We also read a lot of great books about the Nile river, croodiles, and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.  We stretched the mythology book out a few weeks and read a different myth each week just to get a feel for some of the things they believed in.

Chapter 3 was about the first writings.  We had a crazy week with an awesome field trip at the end which is when we usually do our projects from Story of the World.  And I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and didn’t have all the resources ready.  We ended up making a ‘clay’ tablet out of play dough and writing in it using a play dough knife.  I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately but Green Bubbles did have fun with it and we talked about how big and bulky real clay tablets must have been. 


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