Weekly Wrap Up – Will Little Miss join her brother on the stage?

It’s Friday, again!  Does anyone else look through their pictures from the week to try and remember everything they did?
Monday was the first day of Green Bubbles musical theater class from Creative Kids Playhouse.  He does the Tom Thumb players which is for kids 3-7 years old and this years play is No Turkey for Perky, a thanksgiving play.  As you can tell from the picture below, there aren’t many kids in his class this year and it’s in danger of being canceled.  I really hope we get the missing kids to fill it up soon!  Because of the small group, his teacher was nice enough to let Little Miss participate.  Can you see her 2nd from the left in her pink shirt?  Her 3rd birthday is just before the day of the play so I’m trying to decide if I want to sign her up as well.  

Tuesday is our swim lesson day.  We recently signed up Little Miss to take lessons just after her big brother and she’s doing great!  She’s excited about going and is making great progress.  This week we decided to try Megatron out as well on the advice of their swim teachers.  While he did really well, he also cried most of the lesson due to the fact that he didn’t know his swim teacher, not because of the lesson itself.  While I think he’d do fine with it, we decided to hold off on his lessons for now and sign him back up again when he’s old enough to ask to go.

Wednesday is nature study day!  I posted all about our trip to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands here.  We all had a lot of fun.

Thursday was a ‘home’ day for us besides Green Bubbles speech.  He had a great appointment though.  That surprised me considering how our morning had gone yesterday.  When his therapist came out halfway through I thought I’d have to go lay down the law and was pleasantly surprised when I was told it was probably his best session ever!  Go Green Bubbles!  

Yes, we do school in our jammies some days!

Today we managed to squeeze in a little bit of school before rushing off to park day.  We finally found a park day full of kids Green Bubbles and Little Miss’ age.  Even a baby close to Megatron’s age!

After park we hit the library to pick up our next read aloud book, The Witches by Roald Dahl.  I can’t wait to start reading it with Green Bubbles.  By the time we got home my husband was home early and we left the kids with his mother and went to a movie at the cheap theater near the house.  Talk about a nice treat.  I can’t remember the last time I went anywhere without at least one child with me!  We got to see Lucy and, although it wasn’t really a date ‘night’, I still had fun. 

I hope everyone else had a great week as well!

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