Fun ABC Games

Green Bubbles is working on learning his ABC’s still.  We are using All About Reading Pre-level and I love it so far.  I really needed something to help me teach phonemic awareness because I honestly had no idea how to go about it.  He’s flourishing with all the games they include and has picked up more of the alphabet this year then we were able to do over the entire year last year.  He’s still struggling with just a few letters left so I thought I would share some free resources I’ve found across the interest using pinterest and google searches.  There are a lot of ABC resources so I’m only included the ones that are new to us that I think Green Bubbles will actually enjoy.  I try to pick one game or activity a day to do help reinforce what we have already learned and pick up the few we are missing. 

Kay at Sommer Pride created this awesome game adapted from another kindergarten teacher using ‘popcorn’.  It’s interactive and Green Bubbles actually sat and picked up every single letter and colored it in on his sheet!  He was even singing the ABC song to find the letters he didn’t know on sight yet.

Pre-K Pages has a race to top game to download.  There are a lot of versions of this out there but I like this one, even though it has a  Spring flower theme and it’s Fall right now, because there are 6 different spaces to put letters.  Others I have seen use only two.  This way I’m able to review a lot of our trouble letters at once, almost all of them! And anytime I let Green Bubbles use the dot markers is a good one.  He really loves using them.

Learning and Playing in Two Bedrooms or Less made this great post about a letter hunt while out walking their neighborhood using a paper plate as a score keeper. Anything that gets us outside is always a plus in my book!

Playdough to Plato had this great double activity!  First you have to make the letters out of salt dough, a link to a recipe is included, and then you bury them and have an alphabet fossil dig!

Another Playdough to Plato game, ABC cup hunt!  This one allows us to work on just a few problem letters as well and we can bring it outside and move our bodies.

A special kind of class made these cute ABC witches for a Halloween themed ABC.  I hid these around the house and made the kids find them and put them in order. You can see Little Miss jumps in on this one and even Megatron wanted in for the picture!  And yes, we homeschool in our pj’s some days… a lot of days.

There’s so many other options that I haven’t even listed.  You can check out my Daily 5 pinterest board that has things for ABC’s, sight words, journal writing, and pretty much anything language arts related.  We don’t do all 5 at this point, and some I’m not sure we’ll ever do, such as the listening to reading, since we do read alouds all the time anyway, but there are so many resources when you search for that I kept the term.


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