Fire Prevention Week 2014

Did you do anything for Fire Prevention week last week?  Every year in the United States, the week contained Oct 9th is Fire Prevention Week.  That fell on  10/5 to 10/11 this year.   I know it was last week but I thought I would share some of the things we did and it might help you for next year!

We started the week off with a Home Deport Kids Workshop where the kids got to build an ambulance.

We spent the week talking about what happens in case of a fire.  We talked about the smoke alarms in the house, different ways to get out of the house in case of a fire, and stop, drop and roll.  We practiced saying our address and talked about calling 911 in case of an emergency.

The highlight of our week was going to the Orange County Fire Authority Open House. (My phone’s battery died during this trip so I had my husband take photos for me.  He, of course, hasn’t downloaded them yet so all the photos I have are from the beginning of our trip.)

 Every year the fire authority opens up it’s doors and allows visitors to tour their facility, ride on the firetrucks, try on the uniform, and so much more. 

We got to meet a rescue dog,  see inside of the mobile fire command center, and practice CPR on a baby and child sized doll.

 They even led a tour inside of the actual 911 call center and explained how everything worked, including what happens when they have to take it all on the go during wildfires like the one near us recently in Silverado Canyon.  In fact, a lot of the tour talked about that exact fire, even showing us the maps they used to track it.

 I think the kids favorite was the pretend city area.  They had an obstacle course set up with a kiddy pool to jump into and ‘fire’ to crawl under.

If your local and haven’t been to the Fire Authority Open House before, I highly recommend it!

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