Red Rock Canyon – Las Vegas

Just after Christmas the family went to Las Vegas to visit extended family. The kids had a lot of fun and got spoiled endlessly.  Green Bubbles played in multiple arcades, wrestled with his uncle, and got to spend some time with his favoriate extended family.  Little Miss even got to have her toe nails painted at a real nail salon which made her day!  Megatron just liked looking at all the lights.

I wanted to make sure we got out to Red Rock Canyon though.  It’s one of my faroviate places in the area and a great place for the kids to run around.  It was COLD when we visited so we didnt’ stay very long.  Living in Southern California doesn’t leave us with a lot of cold weather clothes and the sweatshirts weren’t enough for long term fun.  But the children all enjoyed scambling over the large red rocks.  If you’ve never been I recommended it.  It’s a beautiful desert drive with large red rock mountains, a lot of desert brush, and if you go in the summer there have a lot of desert tortiouses at the nature center that were all asleep when we went this time.


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