Free ABC Valentine’s File Folder Game

 Ready for a freebie?  I’ve started doing some type of ‘activity’ with Green Bubbles to help reinforce language arts concepts we’ve been working on.  Mostly letter identifcation and letter sounds.  We have a few file folder games but I wanted something themed for Valentine’s Day that focused on the specific skills I wanted to review that we could include Little Miss in as well.

This file folder game is totally free!  If you download it please leave me a comment letting me know how you liked it.  Giving me comments makes me more likely to make things to post!  

The game board has 26 circles, each with a lower case letter.  Included in the download are also a game directions front pocket, file label for the game, and our game ‘pieces’.  I included 26 hearts with capital letters on them.  The children take turns picking a letter out of a bag, or from face down on the table.  Depending on the skill level, I had Little Miss tell me the name of the letter and Green Bubbles has to tell me the sound of that letter.  Unless it’s a letter I know we’re having problems with.  Then I let him tell me the name or sound and I give him the part he is missing.  If they are not able to answer the question, the letter goes back into the bag. 

If they do get the letter correct, they get to put their heart on the lower case letter.  I included 26 blank hearts in the download.  I cut them out for the kids and gave half (13) to each child to let them color the hearts anyway they wanted.  I told Green Bubbles to make his hearts look the same so he colored half blue and half yellow.  Little Miss only colored 4 of her hearts, all in pink and red of course!  The first player to get all 13 of their hearts placed on the board wins. 

Of course, you can admit the rules as much as you need to in order to fit your child and who is playing.  You can make it 3 players and divide the hearts to be colored into 3’s.  You can make it one player and have your child just place all the hearts themselves.  The great thing about file folder games is the way you can adapt them to fit what you need.

 For instance, Green Bubbles is still very hesitant on his letter sounds.  A lot of them he knows, but he isn’t sure about.  Other times I want him to work to find out the letter name he keeps forgetting.  Everytime he wasn’t sure of an answer, I sent him to our All About Reading letter chart.  I had him find the letter and look at the picture to find the beginning sound of that word.  (For example, p has a pig behind it.  He said pig out loud a few times and then proudly proclaimed /p/!)   Or I have him sing the ABC song while looking at the chart, stopping at the letter he isn’t sure of. 

So, what you really want. All you need is a file folder, scissors, glue, and my download! Here’s my Valentine’s Day ABC Letter Sound File Folder Game.  Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you download it!

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