Sanitago Oaks – Nature Study

 Last week we went to Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange.  I’ve blogged this park a few times now because it is one of my favorites.  We used to live close to here when Green Bubbles was smaller than Little Miss and this was a weekly trip for us.  Due to our years long drought, the water has just about dried up completely.  But we’ve had a few smaller rain storms the last few months so there was actually some water again.  My kids favorite part is going over the stepping stones.

 It also made everything so green!  It’s always nice to see the color since most of the year this park is very brown.

 And of course, I found a mushroom!  Little Miss’s language skills are exploding.  I was so proud when she described the mushroom like a bagel with cream cheese.

 There were wild flowers everywhere as well.  White, yellow, purple.  I’m not sure what t hey are but they were pretty and added to all the color we saw.

 We even spotted a couple lizards basking in the sun on fallen logs.

And at the end of our day the kids all drew in their nature journals.  Green Bubbles drew an oak tree that was near by and Little Miss drew a make believe rainbow waterfall.

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