Weekly Wrap Up – The one where we learned croquet

The kids are all coming off of being sick for weeks.  Just when I think we’re past it someone gets worse for a day or two, or another child develops a new symptom.   Because of that our school week for the past few weeks has been pretty sparse.

Monday was a tough day with attitudes.  To try and break the cycle we walked to speech therapy, about a mile from us.  Or, I walked and Green Bubbles rode his bike.  I’m thankful for having my mother in law with us because I was able to leave the two littles behind with her.  Our IEP meeting is next week through our charter school.  We’ve been having issues with our speech therapy and being transferred to a new therapist every 2-3 weeks since we started at our new location.  Part of me feels bad that Green Bubble’s latest speech therapist is being thrown into the meeting after only having him for a few weeks but I’m hoping it will work to our advantage when I ask for extended services through the summer.  He hasn’t made much progress due to all the changes, and our sub-par therapist we had at the beginning of the year.  There’s no reason he has to be in therapy for this long and show so little progress.

Thankfully, the rest of the week wasn’t nearly as bad.  We even managed to make it out to nature study on Wednesday without Little Miss who got worse that morning.  The boys had fun and it was nice to get outside.

 I think the highlight of the week was Green Bubbles and Little Miss discovering the croquet set in the garage.  My mother in law picked it up at a garage sale last summer for a great price but it’s been sitting ever since.  The kids loved hitting the balls around and through the hoops and it’s given me inspiration for our next read aloud book, Alice in Wonderland.

I’m going to try and have some Dr. Seuss type activities next week for Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  And possibly another freebie as we are making a Mr. Popper’s Penguins lapbook currently.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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One thought on “Weekly Wrap Up – The one where we learned croquet

  1. Visiting from Weekly Wrap-up. I figured you must live in CA because this is the only blog I've come across not complaining about the snow and cold! 🙂 We lived in CA for years but moved to Ohio about ten years ago. You have a precious family! Have a blessed weekend!

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