Our typical day, part 2

If you missed part one of this post, you can find it here!   Otherwise, here’s part 2 of a typical day for my family.

After a long, take your time lunch, all the kids got dressed and went to brush hair and teeth.  At 12:20 I left the two little ones at home with my mother-in-law and walked to speech therapy with my oldest. I’m grateful it is close enough to walk to.  It’s a great excuse to get in some exercise in my mostly sedentary days.  And I get to enjoy the quiet while he’s in his lesson!  On the way we ran into some AT&T trucks that were installing new fiber optic cables in the neighborhood (we asked them what they were doing).  It led to a great conversation about what fiber optics were, as well as talking about what was under the manhole covers they were working in.  My oldest even had a chance to look down into one to see how deep it actually went.

Speech only lasts 30 minutes and by the time we walked back home it was just after 2pm.   Everyone was out front waiting for us so I stayed in the front yard with all the kids and let them play while my mother-in-law went inside.  When we came inside at 2:20, mostly because the baby kept trying to ‘run’ away from me, my oldest jumped back on his computer to watch some more Stampy Cat.  When we have a good school day I give him an hour of screen time and when he is good for a particular teacher, be it speech or swimming, he gets another half hour, so he has about an hour left of computer time that he can spend anyway he chooses.  The baby and my daughter are both playing near by with the Little People tree house, and my trash can that I can  never seem to keep the baby out of.  I pull toys outs of the trash can and move it somewhere he can’t reach it.

At 2:30 I bring the baby up for a story and nap time.  He has fun playing with today’s book, Little Blue Truck.  I settled him down and nursed him to sleep.  Not long after my daughter came in and brought me a book to read to her so, while cuddling a sleeping baby, I read a book to her.  She laid down next to us but only stayed a few minutes before she was up, grabbing a few more books from the bookshelf, and going off to find Grandma to read to her.  For the next hour she was in and out and the baby slept fitfully in my arms because of all the interruptions.  At 3:30 my oldest came up as well asking for help with something and my little bit of quiet time was officially over as the baby was now awake.

We all came downstairs and I turned PBS on again for my daughter and she settled in to watch Odd Squad, although as it turns out, not for very long.

We had a small 6 pack of oreos laying around so I shared with the kids. For the next hour I’ll let the kids free play.  I decide to try and get some chores done around the house.    My oldest decided to join me so we worked on cleaning the wall and banister on the stairs.  My daughter had an all out fit because she wasn’t cleaning too, but she never even asked to help.  I sent her upstairs to lay down in my mother-in-laws bed because it sounded like a tired fit more anything. She doesn’t nap, but stays upstairs for quite awhile. She’s been having more tantrums and angry fits lately so I’m hoping the phase doesn’t last long. The boys both helped me dust the front door and clean the welcome mat.  That was when the baby knocked over our ceramic welcome turtle by the front door and broke it.  I put him in the pen after that but, now that he’s older and his siblings taught him how, he figured out how to bust free and joined us in the side yard while ‘we’ were cleaning the sliding glass windows.  I have a few friends coming over tomorrow night for a game night and the dining room is where everyone will end up playing and I wanted it to look as clean as possible with three small children hanging around.

I decide to send my husband a text asking when he’ll be home. He responds quickly with 5:45 so I now know when to start working on dinner.

I realize that gives me more time to clean so I put the baby back in the pen, with my oldest this time, and get back to work hoping that will help keep the baby entertained.

By 4:45 the baby has managed to escape again and is attempting to climb the stairs to the 2nd level.  I only have a little while left before I have to start dinner so I write more in this post to try and catch myself up for the day!

The rest of the night I will fiddle on my computer, make dinner, feed the kids, send the big kids up for bathtime while I put the baby to sleep.  My mother-in-law, thankfully, takes over bedtime for my daughter and my oldest so once the baby is asleep I get to spend sometime with my husband.  We usually take a walk around the neighborhood and we talk about how our day was. Lately we’ve been watching Supernatural on netflix so when we get back we’ll watch that and go to bed afterwards.

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