Nature Study – Sea and Sage and a lot of birds

IMG_3941This week for nature study we went to Sea and Sage, sometimes also called San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. This time of year there are so many different species of water birds to be found.  We also saw finches, sparrows, and flycatchers too.  Sea and Sage has free parking.

IMG_3905The kids had fun picking flowers and throwing them into the pond by the parking lot while we waited for our entire group to arrive.  I thought it made a very unique photo too. IMG_3907It was a beautiful day out.  The sun was shining and the lakes looked very blue, the plants so green.  Even the reflections in the water seemed very vivid. IMG_3914We saw many different types of birds.  Each family checked out a pair of binoculars at the nature store.  Checking them out is free, but they do ask that only children over 8 use them for safety reasons.  Above we saw a few American Coots hanging around.   IMG_3918 There was a large flock of pelicans, just hanging out on one of the small islands in the middle of the pond.  We usually see their cousins, the brown pelicans, at the beach frequently.IMG_3924 One of the older girls in our group turned out to be quite a birder.  She was very excited when she spotted this Great Blue Heron from a distance.  Running up ahead she was able to get very close to it and observe it for sometime before it flew away when the rest of the group caught up.  We were able to see it a few more times during our trip.IMG_3939It took me awhile to find the bird above but I eventually did.  Meet the Black-necked Stilt.

We ended up leaving early today because we had an IEP meeting for my oldest.  It would have been so easy to just cancel and not come but I’m so glad we didn’t.  I love when we get outside for a nature study, especially when it’s with our friends.


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