Bolsa Chica Wetlands Nature Center

Let me start this post off by apologizing!  I usually post nature study posts on Wednesdays but this week is late!  Part of that is because I spent the weekend not writing a post in advance.  The other part is a sick Little Miss, followed by a sick Green Bubbles, all on top of Megatron’s birthday this Saturday.  (Have you see our giveaway.. There’s still time to enter!).  So here’s a nature study post, a day and a half late!

IMG_4066Last week we went to Bolsa Chica Wetlands.  Depending on where you go, there are two different entrances to this park.  The South entrance has a long wooden bridge over the wetlands, and is typically where we meet.  This time, we met at the North entrance which is where you’ll find the nature center!IMG_4002The nature center had a lot of cool things including a large snake skin for the kids to touch, animal pelts, skulls, and live local reptiles including snakes and lizards.IMG_4008 But since they are the wetlands they also had a really cute touch tank and an aquarium with animals you might find nearby including sea stars, shrimp, crabs, and more.IMG_4012The trails are easy and stroller friendly, very flat and packed dirt smooth.  Parking is free and we’ve never had a problem finding it here. IMG_4017Can you tell it’s spring time?  There were many flowers in bloom there currently.  Little Miss loved walking through the flowers stopping to smell them.  She wasn’t in the mood to pose for me though! IMG_4020 IMG_4023We were also lucky enough to find a LOT of different insects.  Beetles, stink beetles, ants, bees, ladybugs, and even caterpillars. IMG_4025IMG_4049 IMG_4027 IMG_4042IMG_4075IMG_4091Green Bubbles collected the caterpillars and brought them home to raise into beautiful.. moths more then likely.  They didn’t do well in our house however and I released them the next day rather then have to deal with dead bugs and the emotions attached to them.  We’ve collected them before without a problem but this particular type just didn’t like it.  IMG_4033     And just like the week before, there were plenty of birds to be seen!  Including another Great Blue Heron! IMG_4068  IMG_4060And since I just can’t resist, here’s a picture of Megatron.  The last few weeks of being an infant before he’s officially one!


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