Megatron’s Hobbit Birthday

Megatron's Hobbit BirthdayMegatron is officially one year old now.  I think it’s safe to call him a toddler too!  He’s been walking for the last month now. Because I love geeky things and my kids sometimes pick things that every kid seems to pick, Frozen anyone, I adore picking out things for my babies when they still have no opinion on the matter.  So, Hobbit Birthday!

No one has a hobbit birthday so there isn’t really anything you can buy for this unless you go custom, handmade.  I went with green and yellow decorations and just did a few special things to bring the Hobbit theme.  Do you see the adorable crown Megatron is wearing?  It has handmade by Hedy from Heds Threads.  I contacted her and asked about making a Hobbit themed crown and she came up with what you see above!  It has Bilbo the hobbit on the front center, the left is Smaug on a pile of gold, and the right is the one ring.  The back is elastic so it stretches to fit my other kids too!  (Note: Nothing was given to me in exchange for this review, I just really liked the crown and it made my inner geek squeal in delight!).   The only thing that would have made it better is a baby that would leave it on for more than a few seconds so I could have gotten a better picture of him wearing it.IMG_4241I also made some labels for the bottles of water that say Happy Birthday and Megatron’s Turning 1.  The root beer had a logo from the Green Dragon with the words “Famous Root Beer”.  The plain white cups had quotes I wrote on them from the Hobbit book including, “May the hair on your toes never fall out.”  IMG_4270My pride was the hobbit hole cake however!  I saw a great tutorial at Over The Apple Tree that made it quite easy to make, although mine didn’t turn out nearly as nice as hers!  I made a few changes as well.  Chocolate covered raisins instead of Milk Duds, Oreos for the windows, brown sugar for the walk way instead of graham crackers, and a lot of M&Ms, mostly because those were the things I had on hand.IMG_4266Over all, everyone had a great time.  There was no party games, just an awesome playground all the kids got to play on.  Megatron ended up napping at the end of the party so didn’t get any birthday cake until after we got home.  But he sure did love it!


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