O’Neill Wilderness Park – Nature Study

2015-03-18 10.52.12O’neill Wilderness Park is a great hiking park.  Not only do they have a lot of camping sites if your looking for a camping location a little closer to home, but they have day use passes.  There are a lot of trails around here and many we haven’t explored yet due to the small children that are always in our group!2015-03-18 10.13.39This particular morning Little Miss somehow managed to get some of Grandma’s lipstick in the car without me noticing.  After admiring how beautiful she looked, I cleaned her up! 2015-03-18 10.35.41 We went a trail the ended up under the over pass.  It’s amazing how close you can be to things, but feel so far away.   2015-03-18 10.43.39 The kids had a lot of fun exploring.  Little Miss even stopped to ‘pose’ for a picture.2015-03-18 10.46.17  2015-03-18 11.02.50 2015-03-18 11.03.03 2015-03-18 11.06.34  2015-03-18 11.58.14At the end of the day the kids all moved into the sun to eat their lunches.  It was cool in the shade under the tree.  Even Megatron walked over to join them, not wanting to be left out.   All three of my children love being outside and I’m so grateful that we are able to do our nature days every week.

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