Nix Nature Center and Barbra Lake Hike

Did you know Barbra’s Lake is the only natural lake in Orange County?  Yup!  All those other lakes in Irvine, Mission Viejo, Rancho.. they are all man-made.   2015-03-25 12.05.18-1

This week we wen to the Nix Nature Center at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.  The nature centers are always so fun to explore and the park rangers are so helpful!  One family in our group saw a black snake walking up and right at the front desk of the nature center was a small laminated booklet with pictures of local snakes to help with identification.  The booklet, along with the awesome park rangers, helped identify the California Striped Racer2015-03-25 11.06.49We also used our local wildflower guide to identify these Sticky Monkey flowers.  They are beautiful, drought tolerant, and attract hummingbirds!2015-03-25 12.07.58 I love how they grow in bushes and think they would make a great addition if you were looking for a native garden addition that doesn’t need much water.2015-03-25 11.09.33There are a couple geocaches near by that we found as well.  Green Bubbles recently got excited about them again so we’ve been searching for them wherever we go now!  The ones here are pretty straight forward to find and the kids were able to do it all by themselves, the title of the geocaches giving them a big clue. 2015-03-25 11.35.53 We stopped for lunch and nature journal time.  Green Bubbles drew one of the red ants we saw on the trail and I’m never really sure what Little Miss draws but I know she likes to use a LOT of colors!  She was nice enough to share her crayons and journal with another little girl this trip and loved to do the buddy coloring with a friend.


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