Sick Whines

The kids are sick, again.  We power through runny noses and small coughs but when fevers and vomiting come on the entire house seems to just stop.  It always seems to spread slowly so the same illness lasts for weeks.  As soon as the first child is nearing the end, the second just comes down with it.  Green Bubbles seems to have started this latest bout.  Little Miss fell in the night and is currently cuddled up on the couch enjoying Beauty and the Beast.  I have my fingers crossed it doesn’t spread to Megatron.

All the sickness made me think of our sick time traditions however.  When Green Bubbles gets sick, my husband almost always will go out and buy some Sierra Mist or Sprite for him.  We don’t have soda in the house most of the time so it’s a special sick present type of thing for him.  I remember my own Dad doing the same for my brother and me when we were kids.

We also have a lot of extra cuddle time.  Weather that is on the couch watching a movie, or reading a book up in bed, they need the extra contact to help their emotional state that is worn thin with the illness.  I can always tell when a sick child isn’t getting enough physical comfort when the whining becomes much more common.

Of course, only one of mine seems to get sick enough for that comfort at a time, thankfully.  But that leaves the other two requiring the normal routine.  Megatron has been running amok today!  He’s normally a very busy baby but being cooped up inside most of the day and the attention on his sister has led to some interesting messes.  Diapers pulled out and thrown about the living room, cans from the pantry all over the kitchen floor, my purse opened and it’s contents askew.

2015-04-06 16.03.30That’s when it’s time to get creative!  I kicked the kids outside in the backyard where Megatron wouldn’t get into nearly as much mischief that I had to clean up.  We have a tent set up in the backyard currently and Little Miss and I cuddled inside it while the boys got some fresh air.  All the running around wore Megatron out and he’s down for a nap, and I finally have a catch to sit by myself for a few minutes.  That is until the sick whines start up again…


One thought on “Sick Whines

  1. Sorry to hear your kiddos are sick! 😞
    Loved reading about your sick time traditions. Ours include Sprite & straws. Something about sipping lemon lime soda through a straw when you aren’t feeling well…it just seems to make everything a little bit better. Especially if you use a crazy straw!

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