April’s monthly wrap up

time again for another monthly wrap up! We met with our es yesterday and reviewed what we did for the last 20 school days.  

 I’ve given up on teaching rhyming at this point. I had a wonderful email conversation with Merry at All About Reading. She suggested that sometimes older kids do better with spelling first and to try and see if Greeb Bubbles can spell simple words like map. Obviously he isn’t an “older” kid, but it was worth a try. I put 6 letters in front of him and asked him to spell map. I reminded him to listen for the first sound in the word and after that he didn’t need any help. He not only spelled map, but cat and hat as well.  Who knew! 

We are going to start trying All About Spelling in the hopes that it will unlock something for him. It’s obviously easier for him though, and he actually enjoys doing it.  Merry said kids who are analytical thinkers sometimes find spelling easier and it seems to fit with what I know about his strengths. 

We finished up reading Peter Pan this month and both kids loved it. They keep pretending they are the characters and poor Megatron keeps getting picked to be Smee.  We are also half way through Alice in Wonderland and Green Bubbles loves it. He laughs a lot at the parts where Alice grows and shrinks. 

I’m trying to include more drawing and journaling in our school work. I had him draw something from Peter Pan and he choose to draw Peter by the secret tree entrance to their underground home. 

Countining on with Story of the World we talked about Alexander the Great, early native Americans, and the start of the Roman Empire.  I asked Green Bubbles to draw one of the three things Romans built out of our most recent chapter and he choose the bath houses. I think he just liked the idea of drawing a large swimming pool though!  We didn’t do any projects this month. I need to do better about that but there wasn’t any good projects for the first two chapters and I just got out of the habit of looking ahead for them. I’ll be sure to do something fun when we read about the gladiators next week! 

What we lacked for hands on fun in history we made up for in science. Finishing up our animal study with mammals was fun. We read a lot of books about different mammals and the Green Bubbles and Little Miss especially liked the book on marsupials we checked out. They learned a lot about marsupials. Their favorite was the newborn baby being called a pinkie because it was all pink and had no fur yet. 

We went to the San Diego Zoo for a field trip, looking specifically at mammals this time.  The koalas were really cool and the kids were able to hold a life size plastic koala pinkie which they thought was so cool.  The zookeeper told us one of the koalas actually had a 6 month old joey in her pouch but we weren’t able to see it this trip. 

  We did get to see a really cute baby jaguar though!  Green Bubbles helped me pick out mammals to put on our list to score for points in a game we played. If the animals name included the location where they live or a description of their appearance, that animal earned points. For example, a brown bear would get points for appearance and a Siberian Tiger for location. We did manage to find a few that included both apprearance and location in their name, and many that didn’t include either.  It was a fun way to look at animals names and to discuss facts about them!  Little Miss was upset we didn’t get to see the newborn hippopotamus however, so I’m sure a return trip in the near future will be in order. 

Math has always been pretty easy for Greeb Bubbles and even Little Miss is starting to teach herself addition and subtraction using some of the apps on the iPad.  Green Bubbles went over graphing and tally marks this month. We also began our chapter on numbers up to 40 including adding and subtracting by 1 and 10. This is the first time he’s had answers that were more than 20 but he’s doing really well.  I also got him a math app to help practice basic addition/subtraction math facts on his iPad. He started off averaging about 8 minutes but yesterday got his best time to under 4 minutes! I’m hoping since it’s only a few minutes a day, and he’s able to compete against himself, this will be a fun way to drill the basic facts for him. 

He countines to take swim lessons although we only have one month left of lessons! He learned to use a snorkel this week in preparation for his special trip coming up. 

Over all I think we had a good month. We are nearing the end of many of our books and the excitement of approaching summer is creeping in. Only one more monthly meeting and school will be out for summer. (Although I do intend to do some work over the summer with him to avoid any gains we’ve made, it will be very light.)  


One thought on “April’s monthly wrap up

  1. I’m glad to hear your kids enjoyed Peter Pan. I tried playing an audio book version of it in the car & the girls had zero interest. That was sometime last year. Maybe I should try reading it to them hmmm….

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