Earth Day Beach Clean Up at Little Corona Del Mar

2015-04-22 10.42.55So I know Earth Day was last week, but I wanted to share what we did!  Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from someone in our nature group, we took our adventures to the beach with some trash bags in tow (and maybe some sand toys as well!)  The kids loved spending the day at the beach.  Our family personally didn’t pick up much trash.  Little Miss and Megatron had no interest at all and Green Bubbles just wanted to play with his friends after picking up a few tiny pieces of Styrofoam.  But I figured there’s a few less pieces on the beach at the very least, and I did manage to pick up a little more then that during our day.IMG_4532Another family managed to not only fill up an entire trash bag full of trash, but found this awesome bone on the beach as well!  We’re not really sure what it’s from, and it’s quite large.  Maybe a pelican leg bone?  IMG_4496 The kids did all have a lot of fun playing in the sand.  It was cooler this day so there wasn’t much water play though. IMG_4502Despite the fact that the tide was coming in, we still got to see some cool things.  Above is a dead sea urchin.  We were able to see the hollow inside which was really cool. IMG_4504And when the tide is coming in is honestly my favorite part of the beach.  It’s so pretty watching the waves come in, crashing against the rocks.IMG_4515 I really like this photo of Teddy trying to climb one of the larger rocks with the waves crashing near by him.   IMG_4541I have a closer picture but assumed you didn’t want to see the dead sea life that washed ashore while we were there as well.  One of our kids older siblings joined us this day and he helped to pull it out of the waves so it wouldn’t keep washing down the beach. IMG_4548On the way back to the car, Green Bubbles and Little Miss found this cute little friend.  He stayed quite still and near us so they were really able to view him well.  Little Miss wanted to take him home!

One thought on “Earth Day Beach Clean Up at Little Corona Del Mar

  1. Despite the cooler weather, it really was a beautiful day at the beach! Still can’t believe the sea lion that washed up on shore. Crazy!

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