Princess Preschool 

Little Miss will be starting Preschool! This next year I want to try and set up a little more structure and include her in our school time.

My intention is not to drill numbers, letters, and writing. But I do want to get her in the habit of sitting down with me and following directions and since preschool is supposed to be about playing and having fun I picked a theme I know she will love.

This year we will be studying Disney Princesses! I picked a different princess for each month to focus on.  My rough plan is below, but these may end up varying a bit depending on what projects we find and what Little Miss seems to enjoy the most.  The most important thing is what sparks her interest.

 July : Mulan (China, Fireworks, Tea, Cherry Blossoms) 

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

August: Ariel (Ocean life, Mermaids, Ships, A lot of water play)

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

September: Snow White (Apples, colors, German fairy tales, the number 7)

October: Cinderella (Pumpkins, Mice, Kindness, Cleaning)

November: Pocahontas (Native Americans, nature, Gold, Rivers)

December: Belle (France, Roses, Gray Stuff cooking, Make our own book)

January: Anna & Elsa (Snow, Ice, Family, Art History, Ice Skating, Snow Men)

February: Jasmine (Tigers, Middle East, Flying Carpets)

March: Rapunzel (learning to braid, Painting, Cooking, Chameleons, Floating lanterns)

April: Tiana (Frogs, Jazz, Roaring Twenties, South, Gumbo, Make our own restaurant)

May: Mirada (Archery, Bears, Tapestries, Castles, Scotland, Tarts)

Check back later and I’ll update this list with links to our month and the projects we did.

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