Summer Planning

2015-06-04 11.27.31-1I haven’t posted much lately because of a few reasons.  Most important, it’s officially summer!  We aren’t having school time right now so our routines and schedules are all off right now.  I do intend to start ‘school’ back up again in just a few weeks and work through summer, but on a much smaller scale then we were doing before.  And of course, our nature study hasn’t stopped at all.

But, I’m also planning next year!  I’m doing something I never did before either and actually writing down what I want our objectives to be in 3 month time sections, (6 months for Little Miss).   This is the first time I’m planning school for two children at the same time.

All this is just to say, don’t expect a lot of posts from me over the summer!  I’m figuring out our Princess School, having summer fun off time, and putting what little attention I have left towards planning out next years projects 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break!

One thought on “Summer Planning

  1. We are taking the whole month of June off & then will do a little bit here & there in July & August. Enjoy your time off! I know I will be enjoying mine. 😉 Looking forward to some beach trips!!!

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