Unintended Nature Study

We’ve missed a few weeks of nature study in June, but it seems even when we aren’t trying, nature study always seems to find us.   Little Miss found a spider in her play area.  While she knows spiders won’t hurt, she’s suddenly become scared of them.  But still cares enough to make sure no spiders are ever killed.  She just prefer they aren’t near her toys.  So I scooped this spider up into a little cup and brought him outside.  Something caught my eye though and once I realized what it was I took some pictures.  This Daddy Long Leg Spider, or a cellar spider, had an egg sack! Not a bad photo considering it was taken with my cell phone!2015-06-19 08.54.53It’s been warm but not hot lately. As a result we’ve opened up the house instead of turning on the AC.  With all the big sliding glass doors open the birds seem to like coming into our house.  It’s happened at least 3 times in the last few weeks. One was just causally hopping down the hallway towards the garage.  It’s a miracle one of the dogs didn’t decide it was a toy!  Megatron sure thought it was the most fantastic thing ever though! 2015-06-19 10.02.48We also found a bird nest in our backyard.  Little pieces are still falling and I’m having to pick them up.  I’m not really sure what happened.  There’s no eggs or pieces of shell.  We have a lot of crows in the neighborhood so, if I had to guess, I would say one of them is responsible. But it was still cool seeing the nest and having the kids guess what materials it was made out of.  2015-06-19 18.26.20 We also have a few wild rabbits living in our front yard.  Early in the morning or around dusk you can see them hanging out near the bushes where they inevitably run to for hiding when you get to near. I recently found one that was missing an eye however.  It led to a great talk with Green Bubbles about how he could have been injured including a tie to our trip to the natural history museum when we learned more about urban coyotes.

2015-06-20 08.40.47Even when you aren’t looking for nature, it’s still all around you!

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