First Week of Princess School – Mulan


Little Miss started Princess last  week.  You can read more about my plan here.  I’ll also add links to all of our activities for Princess School on that page as well so be sure to check in!

July is the month of Mulan.  I picked Mulan because of the easy tie in with Fireworks! Since the 4th of July was last week we did a special firework name activity found at Mrs. Karen’s Preschool Ideas.  Although Mrs. Karen’s idea was meant to be a rocket, I told Little Miss that ours was a firework!  She, with a little help from me, glued the letters of her name down in the right order and, with no help from me, created other fireworks in the sky using glitter glue.  Anytime we break out the glitter glue, she has a blast!

2015-07-02 10.00.53

We also made Chinese paper fans inspired by a craft from Activity Village UK.  We had to adapt it to fit the paper we had on hand and ended up using a normal piece of construction paper.  Little Miss drew a pretty design on the paper and I helped her make an accordion fold down the length of the paper.  We glued popsicle sticks on the ends but it really didn’t do much to help support it and for the 2nd fan we made we ended up just folding the paper and calling it the end.  She’s been fanning herself with her fan all week and really enjoyed making her own fan though!  Even if my adult perfectionism was getting in the way.

2015-07-02 10.15.46

I also picked out a couple read aloud books with the China theme.  The first book we read this week was The Ballad of Mulan. This book is bilingual English/Chinese which I loved.  Little Miss was able to see some Chinese lettering while enjoying the wonderful illustrations.  This book was short and easy to follow and kept her attention the entire time! I was worried a story about Mulan would be a little to complicated for my 3 year old but she loved it and was telling me how the book was different than the Disney movie without any prompting by me.


We also read The Seven Chinese Sisters.  This is an endearing story about seven sisters, the youngest only a baby, who all have different things they are good at.  When the baby is stolen by a hungry dragon the sisters are able to use their talents to save their youngest sister, and help the dragon too!  Little Miss loved this book and asked to read it again.  Her favoriate part.. “When the sister uses karate on the dragon.  Hiya!”

Be sure to come back next week to see what else is happening in our Princess School!

Note:  Some links are amazon affiliate.  This does no affect the price of said items, but will help to fund our homeschool. Thank you so much!

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