Tips for Math over the Summer

We use Singapore math which I love. But depending on the area we are covering, it doesn’t always have enough practice. Especially when it comes to memorizing facts.

Over the summer we are working on some of the skills that we finished the year with to keep it fresh and help them come more quickly.  The big skills we are working on are memorizing numbers that make ten, (8/2, 7/3, etc).

I found a fun, hands on way of working on this concept. I don’t remember where I first saw it but I had Green Bubbles string 10 beads onto a pipe cleaner that we now use as a counting bracelet for when he needs help.

  He liked using it in the beginning but it didn’t last long because the facts are already being memorized.

We are also working on adding over 10 quickly. I made this chart for Green Bubbles to use to help him understand how to do these types of problems quickly in his head.  I wrote it out on cardstock and covered the top with packing tape, since I don’t have a laminator. Now you can write on it with dry erase markers easily! And who doesn’t like using dry erase markers?

On the top you can write the problem you are working on. The next row shows the number bond. Since 7 needs 3 more to make 10, that’s the first number in the bond. That leaves only 2 left over which is a very simple number to add at that point.

 We used Singapore’s mental math list as our problems we worked through. Green Bubbles started slowly but near the end was blasting through them. We’ll work on these the rest of the week using the next two mental math sections until he’s able to do them completely in his head without the chart.

Anyone else working on skills during the summer?


One thought on “Tips for Math over the Summer

  1. I should be working on skills with the girls, but we haven’t done anything yet. Although they are doing the play & we did take a road trip and see some really cool things……
    Need to start slowing adding some stuff our day though.

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