Princess School: Mulan Week 2

Last weeks Preschool Princess School centered on tea.  In the beginning of the movie, Mulan goes to meet with the match maker where she is supposed to show off her good traits, knowledge, and manners.  This scene centers around a tea set.

In honor of the tea set were bought a paint your own tea set kit.  Little Miss loved being able to paint a tea set all by herself.  The kit comes with a mini tea set the perfect size for little hands and Teddy bears.  Little Miss is careful with her belongings so I knew this was a good fit for her but the tea set is ceramic and breakable so not all 3 year olds may be ready for this.  The kit is also designed to be decorative which is not how we ended up using it.  It comes with a paint brush and paints to use and, although the paint is non-toxic, it was not intended to actually be used to eat and drink off of, as you’ll read below!

2015-07-07 08.55.10-1Little Miss spent a long time painting nearly every piece in the set.  She made sure to use every color so that her tea set would be ‘rainbow’.  Having a generous moment, she also saved a few pieces for Green Bubbles, Grandma, and myself to paint as well.  Then I put the set up, out of reach of Megatron’s curiosity, and let it dry. I let is sit 48 hours simply because the next day we had nature study, but I’m sure 24 hours, or even less, is just fine.

After everything was dry, we had our tea party!  Little Miss invited Cotton Tail and Minnie Mouse and enjoyed pouring the tea out of the tiny tea pot into the tiny tea cups.  We used ice tea because it’s summer, she’s three, and hot liquid didn’t seem like a great idea.  Everything went beautifully, until Little Miss poured some tea onto one of our plates.  The tea washed the paint right off the plate!  Little Miss was a little upset but after promising we’ll fix it later, she calmed down.  If you intend to actually USE this set, different paint is probably in order.  Or just be very careful not to spill 🙂

2015-07-09 12.33.57Overall, the tea set and party was perfect.  It also gave us an opportunity to use our Princess Manners by saying please and thank.


This week we also read the book Fa Mulan.  This book is really cute and the illustrations are beautiful.  I love how they portrayed Mulan as a strong woman and, in this story, she talks to her family first and has their blessing before running off to war. Unfortunately, this book is really meant for a slightly older child.  I think Green Bubbles would have no problems listening to the entire story but by the 3rd page Little Miss’s attention was wandering. There was a lot to read for each page and her attention span just wasn’t ready for it yet.


We also read Tikki Tikki Tembo which is another favorite of Little Miss!  She’s asked for it multiple times this week and keeps walking around the house saying Tembo, Tembo.  If you haven’t read this book before, I highly recommend it.  It’s a cute story and fun to say out loud.

Don’t forget to check out the master plan for our Preschool Princess School where you can find links to all of the Princess Activities we’ve been doing.  We’re taking a break this week from Princess School, Green Bubbles is heading off to camp.  Check back in two weeks to see the next update!

Note: The links in this post are affiliate links.  They won’t cost you anything extra but will help support this blog.  Thank you.

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