Princess School: Mulan Week 3, Cherry Blossoms and Obstacle Courses

As I mentioned before, we took a break for a week from Princess School because my oldest was at Cub Scout Day Camp all week and I volunteered 4 out of the 5 days.  It was a very busy work with no ‘formal’ school, but still packed with tons of learning!

Little Miss was excited to get back to Princess School this past week however.  We’re still on Mulan and decided we needed an active game to start our week.  We decided to have a “Make a man out of you” obstacle course. While it’s hard to tell by pictures, both Green Bubbles and Little Miss loved this.  They had to walk on stilts, crawl under a bench and over another, pick up ropes using a claw toy, and hop across the paving stones.  Green Bubbles was a little disappointed we didn’t have any climbing in our course, but we worked with what we had!


We also made a tissue paper cherry blossom tree.  Little Miss loved this.  She enjoys art projects so much more than Green Bubbles that I have to remember to include those into our week for her, a large reason why I started Princess School.  I found this idea on pinterest (See my Mulan pinterest board for other ideas we have used, or didn’t use!)

First, I hot glued our stick onto a small piece of canvas.  I tried white glue at first but realized quickly that wasn’t going to work.  This is one of those moments I’m glad I tried to prep ahead of time for our project.

IMG_4723The rest was quite simple.  I tore up some pink tissue paper we have lying around and showed Little Miss how to twist it into a flower shape, put glue on the canvas, and stick it on.  She LOVED this project and had a lot of fun sticking flowers all over the branches of our tree.  She even placed some on the ground that she told me someone had picked off the tree.

IMG_4726At the end, she was very proud of her creation.  She ended up gifting her cherry blossoms to her Grandma to put on her wall.

IMG_4729 (As an aside, I’m so proud my kids weren’t wearing pjs in all the photos this week!)

Of course, we read some books as well.  It’s hard finding good books for this age range for the China theme but we’ve managed so far.


The Empty Pot may be my favorite this entire month though and one I will be sure to buy for our home collection.  It’s the story of an Emperor who decides to pick an heir based off of who grows the most beautiful flower from seeds he provides.  The boy in the story tries his best, but isn’t able to grow anything in his pot despite months of trying and dedication.  The other children have all grown beautiful flowers and he is feeling very disappointed.  His father encourages him to bring the empty pot to the emperor anyway because he had tried his best.  I’ll leave the ending for you to read, but I love the message this book teaches about trying your best, even if others do better.

Be sure to check our the other weeks of Mulan and soon to be other Princess’s for Princess school here!

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