Princess School Mulan Week 4: Painting an ancestor and Tea Painting

We just finished up our last week of Mulan, stay tuned for Ariel.

This was a slower week for us for Princess School. Since Little Miss loved painting the tea set so much, I found this little ceramic dog piggy bank at the Dollar Spot section at Target. You can find these kits on amazon as well but they are a little larger and different animals, like this cool Owl piggy bank.
2015-07-28 08.56.43

How does a little dog piggy bank fit into Mulan Princess School?  We talked about how Mulan has ancestors whose job is to protect the family.  In the movie, the ancestors want to awaken one of the stone guardians to bring Mulan back home.  You can see this scene on youtube if you don’t remember it. We talked about how this dog could be our families guardian since we all love dogs so much.  (Did I mention we’ve had four dogs not to long ago.)

IMG_4804Little Miss also painted with tea bags.  She didn’t understand what we were doing at first and kept asking for the paint brushes, but she eventually got it!  I saw this activity on pinterest and thought it would be fun.  I took some fruit flavored tea bags, (raspberry, blueberry, and orange), and put them in some tiny dishes filled with water.  All we had to do was drop them on the paper, or let them drip, and the bright colors dripped onto the paper.  We talked about the different colors each tea bag had because they all had different ingredients inside each one.  It was even more interesting to see what they looked like when they dried.  While wet, blueberry was a pink color, but after it dried it was a light gray.  Little Miss loved that!

IMG_4805Even Megatron got into the action.  Of course, anything that toddlers do, especially this one, tend to make a giant mess.  After splatting it onto the page hard enough to bust the tea bag open, I put an end to his rather short painting session.  He wasn’t to happy about his fun ending so quickly, but it was time for a nap!

I hope you enjoyed our last week of Mulan Princess Preschool.  Be sure to check out the previous weeks on my Princess Preschool post if you haven’t already, or to see what we did with our other Princesses.

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