Green Bubbles Book Review: The BFG

Welcome to Green Bubbles first ever blog book review.  If you ever wanted to know an opinion from the point of view of a kid, this is it!


The BFG by Roald Dahl is about a little girl, Sophie, who saw the BFG.  The BFG is a giant who gives kids good dreams.  He carried Sophie to Giant Land.  The book is about how they stop the bad giants.

I really like this book.  My favorite part *spoiler* was when the BFG helped capture the evil giants.

From Mom:  This book had a lot of exciting parts.  It’s good for both boys and girls.  Even though the main character is a girl, Green Bubbles never hesitated.  He asked me countless times to not stop reading when our time was up.  Like most Roald Dahl stories, this one is a little darker.  Sophie is an orphan and the evil giants do eat people, including children, use a lot of name calling, fight each other, and bully the poor BFG.  The story if very exciting though and, if you have kids who like stories with action or fantasy, this is a good one to read.

Note: Link is an affiliate. This doesn’t affect your price but will help support our homeschool if you decide to purchase from the link.

One thought on “Green Bubbles Book Review: The BFG

  1. I just picked this book up at the dollar book store last week. It was one of Lauren’s favorite books growing up. Can’t wait to read with the girls. 😊

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