Ariel Princess School: The one with a lot of glitter

Welcome back to Princess School!  We are on Week 2 of Ariel, The Little Mermaid.
2015-08-12 09.40.27
This week Little Miss loved our read aloud, Rainbow Fish. So much that we detoured from my planned projects and decided to make our own special fish.  I took our Green Bubbles drawing book, The Usborne Big Drawing Book.  He really never had any interest in it but Little Miss loved this book.  I remembered the very first page had a how to draw a fish.  While this drawing book really isn’t intended for three year olds, she loved it!   Later in the book is a mermaid, which I drew with my very limited art skills.  Then I let Little Miss have at it and draw as many fish as she wanted.

2015-08-12 10.02.34

After she was done, I traced her fish in white glue and let her go to town with glitter.  It may not be a rainbow fish, but it sure did sparkle!  She liked it so much she took her own pictures of it.
2015-08-12 10.17.24
Here’s a closer view of her drawing. We used a mixture of white glue and normal glitter, but also used glitter glue, like the hair on the mermaid. All I did was the tracing, Little Miss did the rest!

2015-08-12 10.18.50

If you notice, Megatron was missing from our glitter fun. While some messes are ok, I was not prepared for a toddler glitter project. He was able to join us for our next project this week though!

I didn’t take any pictures of the process for this one but it’s really not hard.  I printed up black and white photos of each kid before hand onto cardstock and cut out their heads.

IMG_4869On another piece of cardstock I let the kids paint!  Green Bubbles always leaves when paints, crayons, markers, or anything ‘art’ related comes out.  It’s not his thing.  Thankfully, Megatron was more than happy to paint a second piece of paper with Mommy’s help. (All I did was spread out the globs of paint so they actually filled in the white spaces of the paper).  We used just two colors, blue and white. Little Miss painted her paper all on her own with no help at all.


After the paint was dry, I glued on their heads!  Then I cut out some ‘masks’ from whatever color construction paper the kids picked out.  Except for Megatron, I picked out his 🙂  I glued on a straw and then the mask.  The straw is the snorkel, get it 😉


Even though Green Bubbles didn’t participate in this craft, he really liked seeing his picture up with the other two.  And Little Miss liked pointing out how Green Bubbles and Megatron were both wet! (I picked pictures from when we went to the beach or pool).  Little Miss didn’t have any good ‘wet’ pictures so hers was dry.  She questioned it, but after I explained it was because she was actually a mermaid, she was much happier!

We ran out of time, but might add it in later.  I saw this project with little fish swimming around in the open space and bubbles coming from the kids.  I think I might add Little Miss’s name in the bubbles to help work on how to spell her name.  But even if we don’t get to it, I think they still turned out really cute.

We read a few other books from the Rainbow Fish series as our read alouds this week since, as I mentioned above, Little Miss liked them so much.  They are cute stories about sharing, being kind, being brave, and more.  All great values to teach kids.


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